Presentation Guidelines

    Program     Presentation Guidelines

ISPSA 2022 will be held in a hybrid format. Participants can attend the symposium virtually anywhere or visit the venue. Regarding your
presentation, please kindly check the presentation guidelines and other detailed information.

Plenary and Invited Talks

Plenary and invited speakers are asked to do their presentations on-site. However, if it is difficult to participate in person, you can do your presentation online in real time or by submitting a pre-recorded video.

Presentation Time

- Plenary Talk: 40 min. including 5 min. Q&A
- Invited Talk: 30 min. including 5 min. Q&A

For speakers for on-site presentations (for plenary/invited)

Presentation file in PowerPoint or PDF. No need to submit a pre-recorded video or presentation file in advance.
Use the conference computer for presentation to avoid wasting time to connect personal laptops.
Prepare a backup version of your presentation file (both in ppt and pdf) in a separate USB flash memory to avoid possible software issues.
Copy your presentation file and test it in the conference computer in the break time before your session.
Arrive in the session room at least 10 minutes before the start of your session.

For speakers for online presentations (for plenary/invited)

Real time presentation is strongly encouraged.
Participate in the Q&A session after your presentation.
Check your mic and camera before your session starts.

Contributed Oral Presentation

All oral VOD presentations will be available for on-demand viewing during the conference on the website. Presenters are requested to prepare pre-recorded video presentations (within 15 min.).

Submit your pre-recorded presentation videos by June 30, 2022.
File size: Maximum 150 MB
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Recording your video through PowerPoint presentation is strongly encouraged.
Video file format: mp4

Poster Presentation

On-site face-to-face presentations. Online presentation (E-poster) is available in case presenters cannot attend the symposium. Email us your preferred presentation format [on-site or online(e-poster)] by May 20, 2022.

On-site Poster Presentation

Display your poster throughout the day of your session and discuss with participants. No webcasts of onsite posters.
Prepare your poster and display it on the designated panel provided by the symposium.
Submit your poster file (as PDF, one-page only) by June 30, 2022 via the link below.
The name of your poster file should be “Abstract_No._Presenter Name” (e.g., 1277_Gildong_Hong).

Poster Board Specifications


- Location: Lobby (2F), Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel

- Poster Panel Size: 1.0m in width and 2.5m in height.

- The poster board is self-standing.

- Each paper’s code will be shown on the board.

- Scotch tape will be provided for your use.

- Use of double-sided tape is prohibited.

- All presenters are required to preside at their poster panel During the session anticipated discussion with participants are encouraged.

- Each poster including the paper title, authors, and affiliation must fit within a 0.9m x 1.5m space. (A0 size recommend)

Online Poster (E-poster) Presentation

Submit your poster file (as PDF, one-page only) to explain your poster and discuss with other participants by June 30, 2022.
Any supplementary video and pdf files can be submitted in a zipped file. Use the file name as “Abstract_No._Presenter Name” (e.g., 1277_Gildong_Hong).
Please join the discussion with other participants using the Q&A comment box during the session.
※ Remark

All presentations are prohibited from being recorded (photograph, screen capture, audio and/or video), copied and shared for legal reasons, such as copyright and portrait rights, and we inform you in advance that legal action can be taken by the ISPSA 2022.